Webequie Logistics
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Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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Fixed Wing Logistics and Support:

Remote exploration projects depend heavily on fixed wing air transportation support for many reasons:
Crew movements;
Delivery of supplies such as: food, water, building materials, and equipment;
Delivery of fuels;
Webequie Logistics Ltd provides an intricate service for remote transportation that is efficient, cost effective, and custom fit to our clients needs (not a force-fit). Webequie Logistics Ltd is not limited to any company, or aircraft type (we can bring in any type from a small Cessna to a large Boeing 737 jet equipped with a gravel kit for large volumes)

Webequie Logistics Ltd has several professional aviation consultants on staff with dozens of year’s experience, and 1000’s of hours flying time that understand remote air transportation. Webequie Logistics Ltd evaluates all fixed wing air operators in a similar fashion to Helicopter Air operators as described herein. Webequie Logistics Ltd through West Caribou Air Service, a sister company subcontracts air operators directly on behalf of the client. This is possible because West Caribou Air Service has an Operating Certificate, and thus complies with the Canadian Transportation Agency regulations. A firewall is created through West Caribou Air Service and Webequie Logistics Ltd, protecting the client from risk.