Webequie Logistics
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Helicopter Logistics and Support:

Webequie Logistics Ltd can provide all helicopter needs required by our clients. We solicit the market for helicopter operators to custom fit to the specific requirements of our client. We will acquire several quotes from qualified operators, for the job in question. Often cost is the single driving factor to the selection process i.e. (the cheapest rate) However, most times there is a reason for that. For example safety, adequate insurance, adequate safe, proficient, and efficient pilots all cost more money. We dig down deep, to find the best value per dollar spent on behalf of our client. We perform the due diligence required to offer our clients a detailed analysis of each helicopter option so that our clients are well informed when deciding on a helicopter company.

Our job as a helicopter solutions and logistics company is to research, evaluate, and audit  each company on an on-going basis and to provide all the support, crew changes, fuels, accommodations, and project management to ensure a successful, transparent safe experience for our clients. We deal with all the problems, coordination, dispatching, scheduling, dishonesty, cheating, inter-fighting amongst operators, First Nations issues with regard to no fly zones, and Aboriginal sensitive hunting and trapping areas and issues so our client doesn’t have to.

Webequie Logistics Ltd is unbiased in its selection of helicopter operators, helicopter types, or pilots, and will perform a due diligence evaluation of all operators that assesses:
Safety (always the top priority)
Risk (we understand that there is always risk in flying, but take every step possible to mitigate the risk, and ensure all operators do the same)
Cost (we evaluate the value what is our client getting for the price they pay)
Efficiency (closely affiliated to cost, can a 2 hour job be performed in 1 hour while not compromising safety?)
Suitability of helicopter types (we research the best fit for the job at hand including fuel burn which can be a huge hidden cost that may not be apparent up front, but transparent for our clients because of our in-depth analysis)
Availability of adequate field support
Availability of spares (parts or helicopters)
Suitable back-up plan in case of extended down-time

Webequie Logistics Ltd will also audit:
The operators maintenance program
Operational control system
Flight following system, compliance with regulations
Pilot  proficiency; accident,  incident, violation record
Operator track record (honesty and compliance with regulations)

Webequie Logistics Ltd through Vision Helicopters, a sister company subcontracts air operators directly on behalf of the client. This is possible because Vision Helicopters has an Operating Certificate, and thus complies with the Canadian Transportation Agency regulations. A firewall is created through Vision Helicopters and Webequie Logistics Ltd, protecting our client from risk.