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Fuel Requirements:

One of the highest costs to exploration in a remote territory is fuel which is used for generators, drill rigs, helicopters, and heating. Webequie Logistics Ltd is intimately familiar with all fuel sourcing and transportation options, and solutions. We can provide the most cost effective solutions to our clients because of our expertise, our relationship with service providers, and our suppliers, and the availability of Webequie as a staging and mobilization hub with the required infrastructure at hand. We can provide fuel by the drum, or in bulk. Webequie Logistics Ltd uses enviro-bladders for bulk fuels because they are environmentally safe, provide secondary containment, and eliminate risk of spillage, contamination, and environmental cleanup. Webequie Logistics Ltd also acts as a firewall between any environmental risk and the client. Webequie Logistics Ltd staff are all trained in the transportation and handling of dangerous goods ensuring compliance with all regulations. Webequie Logistics Ltd manages the entire fuel program. Our client simply advises us of their requirements, and we take care of everything from there.