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Expediting and Freight Forwarding

Webequie serves as a convenient and strategic staging and mobilization location to provide dedicated air charter, logistical, and expediting services, and support to cater to the mining and exploration companies in the vicinity of Webequie, and the “Ring of Fire” territory. Our focus is to develop strategic alliances with the mining and exploration industry for mutual benefit, and to build strong, long term business relationships with mutual respect and trust.

There are many factors that influence the successful completion of freight forwarding, and expediting especially when dealing with large volumes in a remote area. Much expertise is necessary from the early planning stages to take advantage of cost-efficiencies, local infrastructure, and economies of scale, and thus minimize waste. At Webequie Logistics Ltd, we manage the project to ensure the best most cost effective options are researched and sourced for our client. The client has the final decision on all options we recommend. Webequie Logistics Ltd is transparent, unbiased, one-stop shopping for the management of freight forwarding, and expediting solutions.

Webequie Logistics Ltd manages all aspects on behalf of our client including:

Sourcing supplies




•Sourcing supplies

•Fuel management

•Inventorying and stock piling
•First Nations issues

•Environmental issues

•Dangerous Goods handling compliance
•Modes of Transportation

•(with all service providers to find the most cost effective options)
•(All freight forwarding, and expediting requires advance planning to ensure successful completion, that is timely, cost effective, efficient, and meets our clients expectations)
•(We coordinate all service providers to ensure a seamless well organized operation with no or as little wasted resources, or services as possible)
•(We provide cost analysis that is open and transparent to our clients, and will develop, and work within the budget limitations set by our clients)
•(We track all movements so that we know the location of all shipments supplies, and inventories at all times)
•(We have negotiated pricing  for supplies such as food, water, pop, camp supplies ect… and can provide the most cost effective sourcing of supplies, in combination with the cost of transportation i.e. we evaluate the combined cost of transportation and purchasing to offer our clients the most cost effective options)
•(We manage fuel transportation, and storage in compliance with the TSSA, and environmental regulations, we are an approved fuel vender with a TSSA fuel license)
•(We will maintain an inventory or stock pile supplies at our clients request, or to gain cost savings for the client)
•(We have dealt with all First Nations bands in the territory surrounding the “Ring of Fire”,  know many members personally, and understand their issues and concerns, we are the link between our clients and the local first Nations Bands “They know us and trust us!”)
•We ensure the highest levels of environmental stewardship is maintained, and become a “Firewall” for the client from any environmental risk)
•(We are trained in the transportation of dangerous goods, and we ensure that all regulations are complied with)
•(We find the most cost effective method to transport: road, rail, air, snowmobile, snow cat, dog sled ect…)
•(We have formed accounts with key service providers, and thus gain maximum savings for our clients, and bring economy of scale savings to our clients because of the volumes we deal with)